Welcome to EuroTransBio

EuroTransBio (ETB) is an international funding initiative supported by European program owners. It has established itself as the preferred funding instrument for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), collaborating in the area of modern biotechnology.

Since 2006, ETB has been launching annual calls for innovative research proposals. ETB operates under the ERA-NET scheme since 2004 and will develop to an international funding initiative in 2013. Also in the future, ETB will continue to launch annual calls.

The mission of ETB is to foster the competitiveness of the European biotechnology industry by supporting research intensive SMEs and their strategic partner with the aim of achieving a thriving European biotechnology industry.



The 12th transnational call for proposals is now closed!



11th ETB Joint Call  |  Results

11 proposals were submitted to the 11th ETB joint call. The overall budget allocated for this call is of 17 million €.

After evaluation of the proposals by a panel of internationally recognized experts from different fields of biotechnology, 7 high quality trasnational projects have been recommended for funding.

Funding has been offered to innovative industrial R&D&I projects in the fields of health (43%), agro/fodd (29%), marine (14%) and industrial (14%) biotechnologies. 17 SMEs, 4 research organizations and 4 large industries from 6 European Countries/Regions are involved in the projects and raise a global budget of 7,5 million €.

The following countries / regions participate in the 11th ETB Call:

Austria, Flanders and Wallonia (Belgium), Finland, Alsace (France), Germany, Italy, and Russia.