Joint Calls

ETB is organizing annual joint calls for innovative near to the market R&D&I projects in all fields of modern biotechnology (health, agro/food, industrial biotech, environment, marine/aquatic solutions). Consortia have to be coordinated by an SME, include at least 2 companies from two different countries/regions participating in ETB, and may include additional partners from research organizations and large industries.

The next ETB call will be presumably launched in October 2018.


Application procedure for ETB calls

Consortia involving at least two SMEs from two different participating countries or regions can apply for ETB funding. A consortium may involve as many additional partners (e.g. SMEs, Large Industries (LI), and Research Organisations (RO) belonging to the participating countries/regions) as necessary to achieve the project goals. Parties from countries/regions which do not take part in the ETB Call may be part of a consortium at their own costs if their contribution is mandatory to achieve the project goals. The application process is a one-step process with ETB Office as central communication point for all applicants. Consortia are asked to complete the ETB application form and submit it via the website.

Eligibility and Evaluation

The eligibility of proposals will be checked by the ETB consortium. The consortium will check the compliance with the ETB and national eligibility criteria, which will be published in the ETB Call Guidelines on the ETB website from October. All consortium partners must prove sufficient financial stability to conduct the project properly. National agencies/ministries will check the financial status of their countries/regions’ partner. Eligible proposals will be evaluated by an international panel of evaluators. The evaluation criteria fall into four equally important categories: 1) technological/scientific innovation, 2) economic and social perspective, 3) consortium and project management, and 4) resources.