Success Stories

Research for Europe - Success Stories (7.8MB - PDF)

Research for Europe - Success Stories - EurotransBIO (380KB - PDF)

Individual success stories from projects funded by the ETB program:

  • The COLCATS Project (62KB - PDF)

    Discovery and functional validation of new druggable targets for the treatment of colorectal cancer. 

    A project cooperation between France and Germany.

  • The H5N1-Vaccine Project (62KB - PDF)

    Crossbeta adjuvation of H5 subunit vaccine against influenza virus H5N1. Anre technology for acquiring an unmet need.

    A project cooperation between The Netherlands and Germany.

  • The ORYPRO Project

    Development of new antibodies against prostate cancer and generation of cost-effective production-ready cell lines.

    A project cooperation between The Netherlands and Catalonia

  • The GlobCell Project (85KB - PDF)

    Development of a tool that allows the prediction of cellular response to multiple external stimuli on cells.

    A project cooperation between Germany and France

  • The Shortwheat Project (84KB - PDF)

    Development of an analysis technique to reach an improvement of Fusarium head blight (FHB) resistance with the shorter growth type of high yielding genotypes.

    A project cooperation between Germany, Austria and France

  • The CYPChip Project (72KB - PDF)

Development of a novel CYP macroarray for the assessment of individual susceptibility to drugs.

A project cooperation between Germany and Belgium.

Development of a DNA vaccine against Hepatitis B

A project cooperation between Germany and The Netherland

Development of an anti-CETP vaccine for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis

A project cooperation between Austria and Germany


Obituary for our ETB Chairman Peter Schintlmeister

It is with deep regret that the whole ETB Consortium heard about the sudden death of Peter Schintlmeister, ETB Chairman and National Steering Committee Member. We all appreciated very much Peterís leadership and warm-hearted discussions in the ETB Consortium and his good sense of humor. He was someone who was greatly respected by the whole consortium for his accomplishments. We will always remember Peter as a cheerful and competent person who always came up with good ideas. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.