The ETB Initiative

The EuroTransBio initiative (ETB) was founded in 2004 in order to support trans-national R&D&I co-operation between companies, especially SMEs, and research organizations, active in the field of modern biotechnology.

In the frame of EuroTransBio countries/regions involved in the initiative launch common calls for industry-driven trans-national R&D&I projects. In order to facilitate the coordination of all national / regional efforts the initiative was supported by the European Community (EC) until December 2013.

From 2004 to 2013, ETB has launched eight joint calls, thereby successfully coordinating the programmes of up to thirteen ETB partners. From 2014 EuroTransBio continues as a sustainable joint initiative without EU funding, launching yearly calls for transnational R&D&I projects in all fields of modern biotechnology.

The international funding initiative recommended until now 168 cooperative R&D&I projects for funding. A total of € 278 Mio of project costs have been moved so far for transnational cooperation. The project scopes span from health (red biotech, 73%) to agro-food (green biotech, 11%), industrial (grey biotech, 13%) and marine (blue biotech, 3%).