Benefits of ETB

Why should SMEs apply for an ETB project?

ETB enhances their opportunities for R&D&I cooperation across the ETB’s network:

  • SMEs can exchange knowledge, combine expertise and share efforts in order to increase their innovation capacity. Moreover, ETB helps the companies bring biotechnological products and process developments faster to the market.
  • SMEs can set up transnational partnerships for biotech R&D&I projects in a structured way, because ETB launches open annual ETB calls, covering all biotech sectors (health, agro/food, industrial biotech etc.).
  • SMEs may receive funds for innovative and near to the market projects, which probably would not be carried out, if they would have to rely on their own resources.
  • SMEs can take advantage from a quick application process with low administrative burdens and from fast/synchronized funding decisions with high success rates.



Obituary for our ETB Chairman Peter Schintlmeister

It is with deep regret that the whole ETB Consortium heard about the sudden death of Peter Schintlmeister, ETB Chairman and National Steering Committee Member. We all appreciated very much Peterís leadership and warm-hearted discussions in the ETB Consortium and his good sense of humor. He was someone who was greatly respected by the whole consortium for his accomplishments. We will always remember Peter as a cheerful and competent person who always came up with good ideas. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.